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How to design a process indicated diagramm

  • hi at all,

    I've some Qt 4.8 GUI with an tab-widget. On first tab of this widget i want to create a process indicated diagramm (battery, cable, dc/dc converter and so on) with some labels to show currently values.

    The process indicated diagramm is build as a picture (.svg) and connected to the label in the tab. It works fine so far - the picture is resized with the main window.

    Now i want to place some other labels in front of the diagram (picture). How can I get the positions of this labels in relation of size of the background (picture label)?

    Is there some better way to solve this problem? Does anybody have some example how to create a process indicated diagramm?

    kind regards - and thanks for any help

  • Sound like a job for a QGraphicsView, if you ask me. Perhaps you should read a bit about QGraphicsView, QGraphicsScene and the related classes.

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