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MousePressEvent Simulation not working

  • Dear All,

    What can be wrong with the code given below? MousePressEvent is never getting invoked in the event handler of m_sswidget2D object.

    @void SSMainWind::on_actionTest_Item_triggered()
    Dialog *new_dlg = new Dialog(this);

    QString x_ps  = ( new_dlg->getX());
    int x_int, y_int ;
    if (new_dlg->exec() == Dialog::Accepted  )
        x_int = new_dlg->getX().toInt();
        y_int = new_dlg->getY().toInt();
        QMouseEvent *p = new QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseButtonPress,QPoint(x_int,y_int), Qt::LeftButton, Qt::LeftButton, Qt::NoModifier);
        QCoreApplication::sendEvent(this->m_ss2dwidget , p);



  • Hi again,

    Well I just defined and implemented another test event handler in main window which worked perfectly, but why the above code doesn't work properly ?

    Actually I'm trying to invoke an event handler of widget which is owned by MainWindow, can that be a reason for discrepancy? If so then what is the alternative solution ?


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