Qt Installer framework - Copying files to location other than install directory

  • Hello,

    I know that, whatever data is placed in package/component dir/data, will be copied to the install directory. What I mean is if I have a binary, readme, license.txt inside package/component dir/data/myapp, package/component dir/data/readme, package/component dir/data/license.txt and if I choose my target installation dir to be "/opt/myfirstapp", then inisde /opt/myfirstapp, I will have 3 files copied, myapp, readme, license.txt.

    Having said that, I also have a "/usr" directory with in package/component dir/data/, however this is not the standard "/usr" which will be inside root "/", it is just a replica. Now inside my replica "/usr" I have some directory hierarchy and some files, like /usr/bin/myapp, /usr/lib/libmyapp.so, /usr/share/icons" and many more, infact a lot. Now I want the replica "/usr" content to be copied to "/usr" (the original usr inside root folder). I should also make sure that I just add new contents to "/usr" (root /usr), but delete any existing content.

    Question is clear, some files inside my data directory will have to go to target install dir, but some selected ones (for ex: /usr) will have to be copied to other paths. How do I achieve this.

  • Hi sandeepsastry.
    You can use scripting for that: "Operations":https://qt-project.org/doc/qtinstallerframework-1.4/operations.html

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