[SOLVED] performing action in other window using tcp server/client concept in qt ...??

  • hello ,
    i have created a server and a client such that i can send a text message from server to client but what i need to implement is ,if i click on a button in server it should open a new window on client which is running in different system.... i request u guys do help me regrading above concept.

    thank you...

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Have a look at the fortune server/client example. This is a good starting point. Then you have to define your "protocol" so that when you receive that specific message you handle it by creating that new window.

    Hope it helps

  • Hello ecmanja,

    Use QStirng,QRegexp,XML for messaging b/w Client and Server.
    e.g ; Something like
    "<Msg> " etc.

    Hope it will assist you.

  • thanks SGaist and IamSumit i did it :)

  • Hello ecmanja..
    If you did it successfully then update this thread as SOLVED before the title.

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