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    The ssh utils developed for Qt-Creator are great. Especially SFtpFileSystemModel, which can be used to browse a remote file system in a QTreeView. Is there any plan to integrate this or something similar into Qt?

    PS: I am a first-time poster here, pardon me if I missed something.


  • First of all: welcome!

    I'm not aware of any such plans. But what is the problem of keeping on using this as a library? Not everything needs to be in the core of Qt, right? I think that being able to access an SFtp service from Qt using the model/view framework is cool and useful, but it is not something that I expect too many applications will need to do.

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    SFTP in general is a feature that others have been asking for for a while (e.g. see https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-8491 ) It hasn't received much attention so far though (possibly because the bug report is so old).

    If you subscribe to and email the "Development mailing list":http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/development, you might be able to get the attention of someone who has the skills and interest in porting it to Qt. Or if you can create and submit a patch, I'm sure it will be accepted

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    There's also the KIO library from KDE that could be of interest (currently tier3 which means IIRC "other dependencies than only Qt" but I don't know all the details). It might also be worth to talk with them about it since they already provide a common interface to access e.g. FTP/SFTP/SSH etc...

  • Hi, Thank you for your replies. Regarding QSsh, it depends on another library (Botan). It might not be so easy to get a patch accepted if it requires adding dependencies.

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    Then go with the Add-On module road. But first, you should talk with the Qt Creator's developers to know whether they already had a project like that. And if not, see if they would be interested by that and maybe even help you.

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