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Need suggestion on UI creation

  • Hello All,

    I am going to develop my desktop application on Linux which will be run on different distros.
    I would like to know while approaching GUI should I go for latest Qt 5.2 quick api like integration with QML or pure QML api ?

    As I gone through qt-in-automotive demo and to be honest I really love that the way option goes in & out.
    page transition, many more... every button and image looks so clean & clear more bright & glossy.

    As i download the source code from Git and run it on my fedora 19 desktop it runs perfectly,
    So my question is shall we use QML as it is for desktop application development. ?
    As you guys seen already qt-in-automotive demo like connected car IVI demo so can it be possible to develop that kind of GUI only for desktop on Linux OS.

    Any more suggestion would really be help full.


  • Also One more point I am going to use multi-thread & process level interaction at some point...

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    I'm not sure what is your actual question.

    So, partially guessing, my answer is: QML is great both on desktop and mobile platforms. I can only encourage you to try it for yourself. If at any point you need some native controls, like push buttons, check boxes, etc. you can use Qt QuickControls module.

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