Qt Creator Error on start after installation on Windows 8

  • Hey!
    Sorry, I'm from Germany and so my screenshot but I'll explain it as good as possible.

    So I downloaded the online installer and installed Qt, Qt Creator and all the compilers the installation program suggested. After installation when I wanted to create a project, Qt Creator shows an error, that there are no kits installed yet. So I changed to settings and recognized that the Qt versions all have an error. Supposedly "qmake" isn't accessible or simple not there. After looking for "qmake" on my own, it is all there and I can also run it.

    So you can open the screenshot: http://informatik-leipzig.de/screenshot.jpg

    The red border marks the QMake Path (which is completely ok) and an error in german (english: "qmake file does not exist or isn't accessible). The red text I've inserted (formerly for writing a post on a german qt board) only says, that I've tested it and that the file exists and also is accessible.

    So I hope you can follow my information with my german slanged english writing and can help me.

    Thank you!

    Best greetings,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Sounds strange indeed, what happens if you add e.g. the MinGW Qt qmake manually ?

  • Hi!
    Then it says that this qmake is already registered. Then I removed the automatic installed qt version and tried to add manually qmake but then it shows "qmake could't be added".

    Strange maybe is the right word in this fault.

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    Then try to remove everything and just install one version of Qt e.g. the MinGW so you don't need to also install Visual Studio

  • I've already done that, but then the error already occurs. So do you have some other hints for me? Is it tested with windows 8 64bit?

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    Just to be sure, did you restarted windows after uninstalling ?

  • Yes I did :)

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