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Qt 5.2 on Android - QOpenGLFrameBufferObject

  • Using Qt 5.2 for Android arm v7 pre-built binaries. The idea is to make OpenSceneGraph render into a
    QOpenGLFramebufferObject and then render the frame buffer as texture in a QQuickItem. Found an example code, compiled and used it successfully with msvc2010 OpenGL pre-built binaries on Windows 7 platform. But on android, i had no chance.

    @QOpenGLFramebufferObjectFormat format;
    QOpenGLFramebufferObject *obj = new QOpenGLFramebufferObject(800,600,format);

    In the above code, it crashes at the 3rd line. I found out that QOpenGLContext::currentContext() returns NULL, and i can not makeCurrent any QOpenGLContext on the QWindow instance. Is there any workaround about the issue on Android?

    Also another question, could not try it on IOS yet, but does IOS implementation also have this issue?


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