Qt5.2 - Android serialport

  • Hi, everyone!

    In a lot of forums, we can see about the serialport on Android. Most of them speak that in Qt5.2, the serialport would be implemented, but as we can see, it doesn't work. When I configure my .pro file with QT+= serialport, the compiler gives me an error.

    Anyone can help me? I am making some mistakes or the serialport wasn't implemented yet?

    Thank you all!

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    Seems that QtSerialPort package for Android do not provided by the Qt installer (as addons options). So, you should manually build and install the QtSerialPort module into your Android's Qt instance.
    I recommend to make it (build and install) by means of QtCreator, as it is says in "WIKI":http://qt-project.org/wiki/QtSerialPort#e290b0f84383a96ecdf7f6b720b72092. It is the simplest method.

  • I had used QtSerialPort for desktop but have not use it in android platform. I just want to have a try,so have you use the QML? I relise QML can support android very well.

  • I try to install the QtSerialPort and I follow step by step the Wiki link, but the error persists.

    When I try to Run my Project on the Desktop kit, it Works. But when I try to do it in Android, it doesn't.

    I will try to install on Linux tomorrow.


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