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Add QQmlComponent into QQuickView

  • header file
    QQuickView *m_View;
    QQuickItem *m_No2Item;


    old code qt4

    QString QmlFile = "qml/No2Screen.qml";

    QDeclarativeComponent No2Component(m_View->engine(),
                                          QUrl::fromLocalFile(QmlFile ));
    m_No2Item = qobject_cast<QDeclarativeItem *>(No2Component.create());
    connect(m_No2Item , SIGNAL(hidden()), this, SLOT(destroyNo2Screen()),
    m_View->scene()->addItem(m_No2Item );


    In qt5 :
    I've changed like below, but how to additem since quickView has not scence()->addItem?

    QQmlComponent No2Component(m_View->engine(),

    m_No2Item = qobject_cast<QQuickItem *>(No2Component.create());


  • Hi,
    I have the same problem here! Any news on that issue? How did you solve it?

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