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Best solutuion? qmake or cmake ?

  • Another one question guys.

    I have a project from github, normal project with a makefile that you build with the standard tools, configure, make etc. I am building a gui for that project and I am following the model/view architecture, so far I have made the view(look my other post too) which has the standard .pro file and now I am wondering how I can combine the two projects in the same directory so I can use the github project to make the model component.

    One solution I can think so far is to write a qmake or cmake that will build the two, probably I can use also the makefile from the github project to help me write the qmake or cmake.

  • if it is a qt project I think it is better to use qmake.

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    Depends on which system you know better, I suppose. Both qmake and cmake can do the task neatly. Cmake is more powerful, and Qt comes with cmake files included. But it is an external dependency, so it might in some cases deter users ;)

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