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Open new Window directly from Menubar

  • Hey there,
    new here and not that long into C++ and especially QT.
    I searched some time, but couldn't find an answer, that related to my problem:

    I want to open a new window directly from a button (QMenu) in the menubar, not by choosing QAction in a dropdown list.

    I tried this like I would with a QAction in the dropdown list but when I click on the button, nothing happens except that the button appears 'clicked'.
    connect(ui->menuBenchmark, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), this, SLOT(benchmark()));
    // menuBenchmark is of type QMenu

    void MainWindow::benchmark()
    BenchmarkWindow* window = new BenchmarkWindow();

    I don't get any errors so I really don't know what I'm doing wrong or what equivalent I should use for QMenu instead of QAction.
    The window itself opens fine when I call it from a dropdown list, so I guess there's something wrong with connect and QMenu.

    Hope, someone can help me with this.

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