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Beginner book for Qt

  • Hello Guys
    I wanted to begin with qt programming and thought it would be the best to use a book which should cover pretty much anything and guides me a bit since I haven't used c++ for a while and I'm not really a master of programming. Anyway, several sites and tutorials recommended the book "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4" however I'm really unsure if this is a good idea since QtCreator used Qt 5.x and I have no idea how much have changed.
    So my question here is, if this book is still recommened or if I should prefer another book over this?(Or perhaps there is a qt5 version of it?)

    Kind Regards,

    Edit: Is it normal, that I don't have any examples in QtCreator even if it says examples? Where can I get them?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Please search the forum a bit, there's already a lot of questions about books for Qt 5.

    To summarize: you can go on with the Qt 4 various editions, the basics are the same to get started. The only thing that is generally different is that the widgets have now their own module, case already handled by Qt Creator when creating a new Qt Widget project.

    For your second question: it depends on how you installed Qt

  • I'm really sorry that I forgot to search first, please excuse me!
    So sounds like I'm going to get this book, thanks for your answer.

    And for the examples: I've installed it via the official repositorys of arch linux

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    Then check wether you have all related packages installed, the examples may be somewhere else

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