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Qt Creator segfaults when screensaver comes up

  • I have Qt Creator 2.7.0 Based on Qt 5.0.2 (64 bit) that came with Linux distro called Mageia 3 that crashes every time the screen saver comes up.

    I ran Qt Creator from the konsole and now I see it makes a segmentation fault.

    This annoying because every time I relaunch it says files were loaded from backup or something and sometimes they are not complete.

    I made it save a backup copy every one minute for more complete backups.

    The strange part is that it only crashes when the screen saver comes up or when it terminates. I have launched so many other programs and nothing makes Qt Creator crash. Even when I lock the desktop and unlock it Qt Creator doesn't crash. It crashes only when the screen saver comes up on it's own.

    I don't have any seti@home or bitcoin mining screensavers. All I have is the usual Linux OpenGL screensavers. Currently I am using the plain Clock screen saver.

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    This sounds like a distro issue. Has any other user of Mageia 3 reported this? Try asking at

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    Does this happen with the Qt Creator shipped by Mageia or one that you downloaded from

    Note that 2.7 is rather old, as is Qt 5.0.2. Especially Qt 5 got a lot more stable since then. I would highly recommend to build Qt Creator 2.7 against Qt 4 (or Qt 5.2, but we never tested that since Qt 5.2 was not out when we were working on Qt Creator 2.7;-).

  • I have reported it at

    This problem is manifested with Qt Creator that came from Mageia 3.

    Man, Qt is progressing too fast in too many dimensions at once. I can't keep up.

  • Qt Creator 3.0.0
    Based on Qt 5.2.0 (GCC 4.6.1, 64 bit)
    Built on Dec 10 2013 at 11:45:55
    From revision 27d10d8dcd

    • works fine on Mageia 3.

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