Hosting a WinForm in a Qt Widget

  • I am attempting to host a WinForm as a QtWidget. I have access to a Dll hosting the WinForm. Using clr I can host the WinForm is a QFrame or QWidget using HWND and setting the parent window. However, problems start to arise when attempting to do custom controls, re-sizing, etc. I read that QtWinForms and by extension QtControlHost would easily host a WinFrom in Qt. However, this library has been removed from Qt. After further research it appears I need to use ActiveQt container and server to properly host a Winform. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of hosting a QtWidget in a WinForm, but not vice versa using ActiveQt. I was wondering if anyone had either solved a similar issue or can point me to some documentation or examples showing how to achieve above. I can clr to access the C# class deriving from the ElementHost object of the form, but can't seem to figure out how I would use ActiveQt to display the form. Thanks for the help.

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