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Qt Quick 2.0 on CPU with only Open VG and no Open GL

  • I am working on the Freescale Vybrid CPU which only has vector hardware acceleration Open VG. I was told that Qt Quick 2 is build on top of Open GL
    Does it mean that Qt Quick 2 could practically only be used on CPUs with Open GL. I understand it will run w/o the hardware acceleration but I believe such solution is not practical.

    Would Qt Quick 1 be a solution here?

    Can Qt Quick even take advantage of just Open VG without having Open GL?

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    AFAIK, the answer is no. QtQuick 2 requires OpenGL 2.0 as a minimum (which can be provided by software renderer like Mesa, of course), and OpenVG will not help you here.

    You can try and compare which runs faster/ better (Qt 5 contains both QtQuick 1 and 2) on your hardware.

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