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QAudioRecorder - No low frequencies

  • Hello Qt-People,

    i tried to use QAudioRecorder for recording the audio-ouput of my Stereomix-device. I was really surprised that it worked after a little bit of research and a view lines of code (Qt rocks :D). But I still have a problem which is that the low frequencies are missing completly. Thats no problem if I want to something like VoPI but if I really want to copy my audio-output 1:1 than its not the best result.

    May it be that QAudioRecorder is not designed for that? Is QAudioInput a better choice? Or maybe even QMediaRecorder? Is it possible at all in Qt or do i have to use an extern library? Sorry for my question but I am getting a little bit lost right now and need a quick advise :)

    Thank you Qt-Community

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    If you want audio high fidelity you should rather look at e.g. PortAudio. Qt uses Windows Multimedia which is not necessarily the best solution for high level audio software

    Hope it helps

  • Hi SGalst,

    thanks for your answer. Ok it seems like Qt doesnt do high-quality audio then (unfortunately).

    But a new question occurs:
    If I am working on a windows-system doesnt all librarys use WinAPI at some point? I dont think that PortAudio really goes deeper than this. But maybe I am wrong with my assumption?

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    Not yet no, but who knows what will come in the future ?

    Have a look "here":

    It explains what you can use on the various OS supported

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