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Design button disabled with QtCreator 3.o

  • Hi,

    This has me stumped and I'm hoping someone can help. I have seen posts on this topic relating to versions of QtCreator but those solutions don't seem to apply to the issues I'm running into.

    I'm running an install of QtCreator 3.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 (it is a local build) but the design button is grayed out. (Actually, I haven't been able to run the QtQuick designer since QtCreator 2.4.1, but it didn't become an issue until I needed to be able to work with QtQuick 2.0.)

    I have downloaded the source for QtCreator 3.0 and was able to build qml2puppet. I have set up qmlscene which I run via Tools->External->Qt Quick->Qt Quick 2 Preview This displays my QML element but it's not the designer.

    I have had a difficult time trying to figure out what pieces I need other than qmlscene and qml2puppet. Can someone tell me if there is any documentation that will fill me in on what pieces are needed? Is there a Qt Quick version (or hook) into the Qt Designer application?

    thank you

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