Uic error during MT Qt5.2 compilation (VS2012)

  • Hi
    I configured the Qt5.2 from git with MT instead of MD.

    Therefore I changed the flags in:
    before I calles configure.

    Then I started the compile seesion with "nmake" and the compilation stops with error 0x2 at

    qt5\qtbase\bin\uic.exe dialogs\qfiledialog.ui -o .uic\ui_qfiledialog.h

    The ui compiler stops working witout any specific error message.

    Any idea how I get a MT version of Qt5.2?

  • meanwhile I found:

    that says I just have to call
    configure -static
    to build static libraries!?

    Does that work for VS2012? The build i still running and I still see the MD flags...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    -static will build a static Qt linking against the dynamic Microsoft Runtime

    If you want a static Qt using the static Runtime you will need to modify the corresponding mkespec and use -static when configuring

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