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[SOLVED] Constantly updating tooltip text without moving the mouse

  • Hi,

    is there a way to update the text of a tooltip which is already visible without any extra event (no mouse movement).


  • I haven't tried it, but couldn't you create a timer when you get the tooltip event and use the timer to update the tooltip?

  • I update the tooltip in the painEvent but it seems that it rendered only once so the updates are not displayed.

  • Here's a simple example of how it can work.

    Find the tooltip example.

    To Sortingbox.h, add:

    QPoint pos;

    To Sortingbox.cpp, add:
    void SortingBox::update()
    static int ncalls = 0;
    QString tt;
    tt = QString("Tooltip #%1").arg(ncalls++);
    QToolTip::showText(pos, tt);
    And change the event method to this:
    bool SortingBox::event(QEvent *event)
    if (event->type() == QEvent::ToolTip) {
    QHelpEvent *helpEvent = static_cast<QHelpEvent *>(event);
    QTimer *timer = new QTimer(this);
    connect(timer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(update()));
    pos = helpEvent->globalPos();
    int index = itemAt(helpEvent->pos());
    if (index != -1) {
    QToolTip::showText(helpEvent->globalPos(), shapeItems[index].toolTip());
    } else {

        return true;
    return QWidget::event(event);


    The tooltip for items will update constantly (every 1/2 second) with "Tooltip #x" with x incrementing from 0.

  • Sorry about the formatting.

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    Just put your code between '@' tags and it will be fine :)

  • Thanks for the code but I found another way. This works because I am changing the tooltips text every time my values change so I listen to QEvent::ToolTipChange. This leads to the following code:

    bool MyClass::event(QEvent *ev)
    if (ev->type() == QEvent::ToolTip)
    QHelpEvent *helpEvent = static_cast<QHelpEvent *>(ev);
    m_ToolTipPos = helpEvent->globalPos();
    else if (ev->type() == QEvent::ToolTipChange)
    if (underMouse() && !m_ToolTipPos.isNull())
    QToolTip::showText(m_ToolTipPos, toolTip());
    return QWidget::event(ev);

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