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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to develop an application that uses simple screens to display content to the user. The app would work like most common iOS apps do. The user could advance to the next screen by a button and the screen would slide in from the right. At the same time, the current screen would slide out to the left. You would be able to advance through say 10 screens or so, then go back and reverse through those screens. (Or maybe jump to screen 7 from 1, etc.)

    It seems like a simple enough problem, but I'm having a lot of difficulties with it. I've been trying stuff with states and changing anchors. My first thought would be to anchor everything on the right side of the root screen so that it is off screen. Then do an anchor animation to change the anchor to be on screen. Then do another to change the anchor to be off screen to the left.

    This doesn't seem to be working though. I have a lot of issues with content coming back on the screen in the user's view or flying from left to right when it shouldn't be. Does anyone have any suggestions or some code I could look at to teach me how to do the simple slide screen state/transitions right?


  • Take a look at "StackView from QtQuickControls": It does what you want, push and pop views with transitions.

  • My savior.

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