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Can't figure out how to build QSerialPort with 5.2.0

  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to compile my own set of Windows 64-bit Qt libraries using MSVC2010. In particular, I'm using the -no-icu and -opengl desktop flags. For whatever reason, every time I build the complete set of libraries, it seems to leave out Qt5SerialPort.dll, which is another library my application needs.

    I was under the impression that QSerialPort was now part of the standard Qt build from 5.1 onwards. Is there some reason it refuses to build for me? Is there a special flag I need to pass to specifically build that library along with everything else?

    If it helps, here is the exact command I was using:

    @configure.exe -prefix C:\Qt\Qt5.2.0\5.2.0\msvc2010x64 -debug-and-release -opengl desktop -no-icu -no-audio-backend -mp -nomake examples -platform win32-msvc2010@


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    Yes, Qt Serial Port is now part of the Qt, and should build on Windows.

    I'm not sure if this is related, but try calling configure.bat (not configure.exe), in the top-level directory (1 level up from qtbase)

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