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QLabel not showing image correctly

  • Hello everybody,

    I have written an application, that links statically to the plug-in, that is of my own code. Everything is done in Qt. My plug-in has KDevice class, which has *QWidget face() function. The widget this function returns has QLabel on it with an image. The image is taken from resource inside plug-in. This face gets added to some layout of the app on start-up after loading the plug-in.

    The problem here is that the image in QLabel gets resized to whatever size Qt wants. Especially if my file is portrait of landscape type, not a rectangle. My goal is to make Qt keep the size of the image.

  • Hi,
    There are hasWidthForHeight and hasHeightForWidth functions for QLabel. When you do need to set the constraints, subclass the QLabel and redefine those functions to keep the aspect ratio

  • Thanks, but maybe I should use another widget?

  • Ha! I got it, my fault. I was setting QLabel's image like that:

    instead of correct

    May this post be helpful to someone else :)

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