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Qdoc tool.

  • I am developing some kind of library that depends of Qt toolkit. It is a GIS library that use the Qt toolkit and I would like to move all my documentation to a Qt-Assistant documentation. I have read about qdoc tags, and about .qch files but it seems that in somewhere I need to use some tools to put all my qdoc files into a .qch file. ?¿?¿ qdoc ??¿? I need to create the links between some term used in my documentation.

    How is it supposed I shoud do? Is there qdoc tool available? How is supposed I must do to generate real qt-like help documentation¿?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • You need to supply html files to the Assistant document build chain. Therefore you are free to use any html generator you like.
    Note that Nokia recommends to use Doxygen rather than qdoc, because qdoc is a niche tool for documenting Qt.
    qdoc is available, it comes with Qt. Try to enter qdoc3 on the command line to see if it is already installed on your computer.

  • Thanks a lot for your help. The thing is I like much more the way in which qtdoc generate documentation that doxygen.

  • No problem, you can use qdoc. A good way to start is to build qt from source and then the documentation with
    @make docs@

    Then you can start to play and modify the existing documentation and add your own files. Using qdoc outside the Qt source tree is a little bit more complicated because you need more than just the qdoc3 executable. You will need a .qdocconf file and a couple of template files. Happy Hacking!

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