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Drag and Drop .png file into MS Word fails

  • There is an issue with QT5 Drag and drop: when .png file is dropped into MS Word 2013, the path to the file is displayed instead of image, but it works correctly when dropping the into a folder. Source code has the following structure:

    qUrls.push_back(QUrl("file:///" + filePath));
    QDrag* qDrag = new QDrag(qWidget);
    qDrag->exec(Qt::CopyAction | Qt::MoveAction, Qt::CopyAction);

    What can be the cause of the issue?

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    What happens if you don't call setUrls ?

  • Drag and Drop fails when file is dropped into a folder, but works with MS Word.

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    IIRC there is a convention that first added mime types have higher priority than later added ones.
    If Word doesn't follow this convention and decides to take another mime-type there is nothing you can do.

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