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QtCreator 3.0 Strange behaviour while closing or minimize QtCreator in VirtualBox with Linux Mint

  • Hello, since I like to develope under Linux but my company Laptop runs with Windows 7 64bit I use VirtualBox 4.3.6 where I run Linux Mint 16 32 bit. Inside my virtual machine I run the Qt Creator 3.0.0 with Qt 5.2.

    Since I move from QtCreator 2.8 to the 3.0 I have a strange behaviour when I finished the QtCreator application. I seems that the QtCreator finished but the screen is still somehow occupied and no other windows or the Desktop background is drawn. After some moments the whole screen becomes white and does not react anymore to any kind of Input. The only way to shutdown the system ist to switch with Ctrl+Alt+Fx to a terminal screen and shutdown the system.

    Even strange is that if inside the QtCreator the Welcome screen is active and I minimize the QtCreator the main Window becomes minimized but the Welcome pane is still there and overlays the windows of other applications behind but do not block the mouse. I can pick a window on the titile bar and move it in the visible area.

    Since I don't have a system running Linux without a virtual machine I can't check if it depends from the virtual machine or the Linux Mint. But the problem comes with QtCreator version 3.0

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

    Kind regards Michael

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    Might be some OpenGL drawing issue. Try disabling the "Welcome" plugin (Help->Plugins...), then restart Qt Creator.

  • Thanks a lot. That works as workaround.

    PS: The option is under "Help / About plugins"

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