Qt Quick Unusable due to crash in QSGOpaqueTextureMaterial::compare on Win7

  • I am seeing a crash with QtQuick that is making my application unusable on windows. This is very frustrating. The app runs fine on linux, but the target machine is a win7 embedded platform.

    Here is the reported bug - "qml container with 2 animatedimage objects that use the same gif will SIGSEGV":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-35670

    Has anybody else seen this issue? Anybody have any ideas? I am basically dead in the water until i find a fix for this system bug.

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    Myabe you can disable caching? Or - a dirty trick, I admit - copy the GIF with a different name and use that. Or you can wait for Alan to fix it.

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