Forum login is annoying

  • When I registered as a user of these forums, I was asked for my email address, nickname and password. When I attempt to login I'm asked for my username. I didn't think I had a username. It seems that I the login prompt wants what the registration process called my nickname. I expect a nickname to be non-unique, so cannot be used for login purposes.

    I think the registration page should be changed to say username instead of nickname. It might save some new users some confusion.

    Sorry if there's a better place to post this. I couldn't see one.


  • If you expect that someone may consider your suggestion for a change you need to place it in "JIRA": Noone is monitoring this forum for bug reports.

    I am going to move your post to "Beta testing" since there is for historical reasons the place for forum stuff.

  • Thanks koahnig for the info and moving my post. I've raised an issue in JIRA.

  • Hi. Thanks for this correction. I have changed the terms now

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