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CMake and Multiple Builds

  • Right now, Qt Creator + CMake doesn't handle multiple builds. CMake can handle this just fine; you simply run CMake to generate different makefiles in the respective output directories, passing the desired configuration name to CMake. Given this, it seems a bit strange that QT Creator doesn't do that, and the inability to build for multiple configurations is making me nuts.

    Before I go digging into QT Creator to find out what is going on here, does anybody know why this restriction exists? Does QT Creator have in-built assumptions about how projects with multiple builds work that are getting violated here?

    I'm willing to dive in, do the work, and submit the patch, but I'd like to have some sense of what I'm getting in to before I do.

  • I'd recommend bring this up on the Qt Creator mailing list. I bet it would be a welcome addition.

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