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Acessing 32 bit and/or 64 bit registry via QSettings

  • In general it is very nice to allow direct access of the windows registry via QSettings
    I like that! Especially, because it reduces #ifdef's for programs running on different platforms.

    But Windows is a nightmare, especially those 64 bit versions, because they have a 32 bit trunk and a 64 bit trunk which hold partially shared and partially different data. 32 bit applications (which i prefer, since the same binary can run on old systems like XP too) access by default the 32 bit registry. When I need to access a 64 bit key (for example to find the installation path of some 64 bit programm like MS Office) I have no chance using the example in the link above.

    Are there any plans to allow a forced switch to 64 bit registry when reading the registry with QSettings?

    If not, I think it would be a nice idea to add a statement in the platform restrictions and maybe mention that problem in that example in the link above too.

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    AFAIK there are no plans to expand the functionality of QSettings. Before Qt 5 was released, some people even suggested to deprecate the class: I think that says something about how much the Qt developers "like" it :P

    If you want more concrete answers, please use the "development": mailing list: that is where all developers of Qt libraries are. If you want to add a feature request, use Qt Bug Tracker (Jira).

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