QScrollArea and QVBoxLayout issues with dynamically added widgets

  • Im running into a weird issue with dynamically added widgets to a QVBoxLayout contained inside a QScrollArea. If I add the widgets it works as expected, however after all widgets are removed, there are still some left overs on the screen. Is this a bug? Can someone else reproduce it?


    "Here is a small project to reproduce it":https://github.com/dryajov/testscrollarea.git

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    delete ui->verticalLayout->takeAt(0);
    is not enough to also remove the widgets.

    You should do this:
    QLayoutItem *child;
    while ((child = layout->takeAt(0)) != 0)
    delete child->widget();
    delete child;

  • That seems to have done it. The important bit seems to be:

    delete child->widget;

    Because I did try deleting just the LayoutItem in my work project.


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