Qt Creator 3.0.0 tabs, keybinds, and colors

  • Sorry if these questions have been answered before, but I can't figure out how to search only Qt Creator topics.

    How do I enable a tabbed view of documents where I have a tab for each document instead of a drop-down box to select documents?

    How do I change keybinds for the menu? A specific example is I would like 'c' to close the file from the file menu, but it is not currently bound. If I try to bind a key sequence (alt-f, c), it just stops at the file menu being open and doesn't actually execute the command to close the file when I hit 'c'.

    Is there a way to set the color for function parameters to be a different color than locals?

    I'm not sure any of this matters, but I'm using Qt 5.2.0, Creator 3.0.0, and mingw-w64 (gcc 4.8.2) all for x86_64 on Windows, and am developing with C.

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