[SOLVED] 64 bit windows build fails

  • i have successfully built qt 4.8.5 64 bit on windows 7 but i am having trouble with building a qt based dll because many of the signals i have declared in my header file are not being resolved at link time. i have checked and double checked that the moc_* files are being generated and linked into the dll. i also took a look at the moc_*.cpp file and the function declarations are there as well.

    i am ensuring that the 64 bit compiler is being used.

    i am using the exact same *.pro file on Linux and MacOS without problems. might someone have an idea what may be the problem here?

  • i figured it out how do i marked it as solved?

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    At the bottom of initial post you should see (edit) in a grey green. Click there and you can edit your and also the title line. In the title line you should add [solved].

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