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PDF specification used for PDF files generated by QPrintDialog

  • I need information on what PDF specification is used for the PDF spool files created by QPrintDialog. Specifically does it create PDF/X-4 or PDF/X-4p specification files? Also is this output fully conforming?

    Does anyone here know? If not who do I need to contact to get this information?

  • These are PDF 1.4 so these are not usable for print spooling since it is not possible to set an OutputIntent.

    In addition the PDF files are not color managed even when the objects being embedded into them are. For example in Krita I can create a test image and assign it an ICC profile and then print to a PDF file. The image will be tagged as DeviceRGB which is not correct since it should be tagged with the ICC profile that was assigned to the image.

  • You could take a look at

    libHaru is a free, open source, cross platform library for generating PDF files for applications written in C or C++.[1] It is not intended for reading PDF files. libHaru can be used as a static library or as a dynamic library. It is the only free, open source C or C++ library for PDF generation that is under active development, and it is widely used.[2]

    This is what i use.

  • OK that is fine but I was asking about PDF print spool files generated by the Qt print dialog not how to create PDFs. I had a look at the code that is used by Qt to do this and the resulting PDF are, in the language of the PDF spec., non-conforming.

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