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Qt does not close programs

  • The problem I am facing is that when I run my programs in QtCreator (debug or release), it gives the message

    @cannot obtain a handle to the inferior the parameter is incorrect@

    This happens randomly, sometimes the program exits normally and sometimes above message pops up. Also this happens with a simple Hello World program too.

    Finally, the problem is in Windows version only. On linux I never encountered it. I followed the discussion on the link below but it was no help.


    I believe that others have encountered it too so any help will be much appreciated.

  • I too have this problem. I have read the other threads and they don't help.

    I'm running Windows 8, Qt Creator 3.0 with Qt 5.2.1 MinGW_32bit.

    The problem is that I can't seem to narrow down where this error is coming from. Is there anyway I can narrow down where this is coming from?

    Another reference thread in case anyone is interested:

    [quote author="ChrisW67" date="1389843669"]The message has nothing to do with your choice of Qt version or compiler for your project. The message is originating in Qt Creator when it is asked to run your program (which may have no Qt involvement at all).

    Creator launches the executable using a stub launcher program that provides Creator with some information about the process launched. This stub returns the process id, and Creator tries to get a handle to that process so it can be notified when it terminates. If it cannot get a handle to the process then you get the warning; this may happen if the process id has already ceased to exist because the program exited quickly. It may be something else, I am just making an intelligent guess. Whether you could avoid this situation I don't know.[/quote]

    Does anyone know?

  • I narrowed it down a bit. So when I try to do anything with the API functions from the .dll files is when it gives me that error:

    @Cannot obtain a handle to the inferior: The parameter is incorrect.@

    And nothing else works.

    Does it matter that the .dll was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005(VC 8.0) SP 1 and depends upon the shared C/C++ run-time libraries (CRT) that ship with this version of the compiler?

    If it does matter then does that mean I have to use that specific compiler when compiling my qt console program?

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