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Calling single QtCore based Qt library from full blown Android app.

  • Hello

    currently with latest Qt and QtCreator it is possible to create Qt Quick application, which can be compiled and deployed for both desktop (Win8) and Android device.

    Using Necesitas core Android application is created and provides all communication between Qt framework and Android app.

    What I want to achieve is to have Qt library which is using only QtCore library and nothing else and have one entry class within this Qt library. this class should be an entry point for calls from Java code of Android application. Whole UI, user input, rendering, etc should be done within Android app with Android framework, Qt library should just prepare data I want to display in Android app.

    how should I create this Qt library and how should I connect it to Android app? What I want to avoid is having to dynamically link / provide all others Qt libraries I am not using at all.

    I suppose it should be similar to QtActivity and QtApplication in org.qtproject.at5.android.bindings package in quick demos of Qt-Android, just containing less native calls. is this the right way?

    thank you all very much in advance


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