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QtCreator 2.1 and CDB (Debugging Tools for Windows 32bit) performance and hanging issues

  • Hy,

    Recently I moved to QtCreator 2.1 RC. I develop software on windows platform and use Visual Studio 2008 compiler. For debugging purposes I have to use separately installable CDB (Debugging Tools for Windows). It's performance is awful. In most of cases when I try to debug larger program, QtCreator hangs or is performing very very very slow. Debugging experience with CDB in Qt Creator 2.0 wasn't perfect, but at least it wasn't hanging so often.
    What about you? Is anybody having same issues with CDB? Maybe there is some way how to speed things up? Using MinGW is not an option for me.

  • This is a know issue and the Trolls are working hard on an improvement. I suppose it will not make it into 2.1 release, but stay tuned. If they have something to show, I'm sure they will let us know on a "labs blog entry": :-)

  • Thanks for info. Know I know what's happening...

  • Ok ... I manage to speed up my system. I mentioned that starting from version 2.1 Qt Creator shows some message saying that he offers to add some symbol path to operating system libraries that as I understood is located somewhere in the internet ... I don't remember this message exactly. So this path was added in my Qt Creator (Options=>debugger=>CDB=>"Symbol paths field"). I removed it, and now debugger is working enough fast for me ... Maybe I loose some functionality with this, but its more important for me that I can debug ...

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