Qt Creator (Qt 5.2.0 64 bit, vs2012, opengl, windows7 ) does not launch

  • HI,

    I have both 5.1.1 and 5.2.0 installed , and Qt Creator loads fine in the 5.1.1 build, but qtcreateor.exe in the 5.2.0 build does not start --it silently terminates with ERRORLEVEL 0.

    I re-installed Qt 5.2.0, and the results were the same.

    Incidentally, these were both installed using the installers at the download page (i.e. qt-windows-opensource-5.1.1-msvc2012_opengl-x86_64-offline.exe and qt-windows-opensource-5.2.0-msvc2012_opengl-x86_64-offline.exe).

    Is there an environment setting that needs to be configured?

    Any thoughts, please?

  • Does non-opengl version of qt 5.2.0 works correctly?

  • Try to disable all plugins from 5.1 version and then start again 5.2 - does it helps?

  • Yes, I tried installing the non opengl version of 5.2, but I was still unable to start qtcreator.exe . I suspected this would be the case, in that, the 5.1 opengl version works fine.

    Also, I disabled ALL plugins for the 5.1.1 installation, and I still could not launch qtcreator.exe in 5.2., so this does not help either.

  • If compiling qtc manually it is not suitable, you could start in from debugger (you have another ide, eh?) and then attach results to bugreport...

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