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QGraphicsItem : touch manipulation, how to ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to manipulate QGraphicsItems in a QGraphicsScene by touch manipulations (scale, move, rotate, inertia).
    I searched but found nothing already implemented for this.

    I'm sad that the flag "QGraphicsItem::ItemIsMovable": is available only for mouse manipulation...

    Any idea how to do this ?

    Using Qt5.2.

  • Touch events go through mousePressEvent handlers on QWidgets unless you set a widget attribute to change that.

    Look at Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents


  • First, sorry for late answer. In fact I knew that, but it didn't answered me, because I was trying to achieve these manipulations for each touchs (and not only the first one), and not only move manipulation. I was working on collaborative apps, where users must manipulate the QGraphicsItems independently.

    I had a project changement, so I don't need this anymore, but if someone created some default QGraphicsItems with touch manipulation enabled, I'll be pleased to know !

    If I do something like this in the future, I'll come post this here :)

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