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Extremely slow downloads :(

  • Qt has been lately extremely slow with downloads. For the full offline version it takes about 2 hours, that too fails midway too occasionally. The same behavior is with almost any other mirror. The internet speeds are not a bottleneck.
    Does anyone know of a official/reliable torrent links for qt downloads?

  • Same topic I guess in "this post":

    As we saw also that the download speed is not only dependent on your actual direct internet connection, but on the global location.

    You find also some alternatives in the thread.

  • It was really out of hope rather than lack of search or playing with options, that I asked the question. I hope you can understand how a download speed of 5 Kbps for the last 100 MBs looks like and how frustrating it can be.
    Too bad. This is the only reason I still have to continue with 4.x

  • I understand your problem, but cannot do anything about it :(
    I face sometimes problems with upload speed from servers as well. You wait for ever for nothing.
    The other thread give some alternatives. If you have tried those, that is all you can do.

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