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"InterlockedCompareExchange@12" not be found in DLL "libstdc++6.dll"

  • Hey,
    I use Qt5.1.0 with mingw48_32 on Windows 7 64bit. For some reason I had to add another compiler version. I downloaded Mingw 32 bit with gcc 4.7.2 and added it as custom compiler to Qt Creator.
    I configured it as follows:

    name: MinGW4.7

    path to compiler: C:\MinGW\bin\g++.exe

    path to make: C:\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.exe

    ABI: x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit

    header path: C:\MinGW\include

    Then I created a custom Kit which makes use of the custom compiler.

    When I compile my project with this kit, and later click on the generated .exe file, I receive an error similar to this (translated from German):

    "InterlockedCompareExchange@12" could not be found in DLL "libstdc++6.dll"

    What might this be? And how can I solve it? Did I add the custom compiler wrongly?

  • I should add, that the compiler works without problems for other projects that are not Qt related.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    AFAIK, you can't mix libraries built with MinGW 4.7 and MinGW 4.8

  • Yes, that was my guess, too. So is there a way to have Qt with MinGW 4.7 other than recompile Qt?

    For now I simply replaced the incompatible 4.7-.dlls with the 4.8 counterparts, namely libgomp-1.dll and libstdc++6.dll. I hope, no further problems occur...

    Thanks for the response!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    AFAIK, no, you'll need to rebuild Qt

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