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Application Advice Question

  • I am working on a project that requires a completely custom interface, something similar to the REDBOX application for renting movies. My project has nothing to do with movies but the general flow of the application will be very similar.

    I am requesting advice into how to go about creating something like this. I am not looking for someone to write code for me or anything that specific, what I am looking for is top-level advice so I can read, organize, and plan. To start, let me say I am fairly new to Qt (4 months or so). I am working in the Graphics View Framework to create the graphical elements and using a QGraphicsView as the window widget.

    I have had two ideas so far. The first is using the State Machine Framework to create top level states for each 'main screen' the user encounters. Then transition through the states since the application is fairly sequential. I have had success with this, especially since it has been easy to incorporate with the Animation Framework.

    The second idea is to create separate scenes for each 'main screen' the user encounters then show the appropriate scene when necessary.

    I am not sure if any of these methods are 'good' ideas or not but I appreciate your feedback and any suggestions anyone may have. Thanks.

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