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Problem with querymodel example model

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to that did not English well

    I'm studying qt5, this site example.


    my problem site link is here.

    but I'dont know why this problem message.

    Starting /root/build-model-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_GCC_32bit-Debug/model...

    (model:2139): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",

    QSqlQuery::exec: database not open
    QSqlQuery::exec: database not open
    QSqlQuery::exec: database not open
    OpenGL Warning: Failed to connect to host. Make sure 3D acceleration is enabled for this VM.

    /root/build-model-Desktop_Qt_5_1_0_GCC_32bit-Debug/model exited with code 0


    I want to solve this problem.

    please help me.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    "database not open", did you setup your database correctly ?

    Also, why are you developing as root ? It's very bad practice even if you are the only one using the virtual machine.

  • Thank you rely SGaist !!

    I'm appreciated your advice.

    you say "your database correctly"

    that what mean ?

    I using database in mysql

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It means, did you properly use QSqlDatabase to create a connection to your database ? Did you call open ? Check that it succeeded etc...

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