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QTreeWidgetItem Text Edited Signal

  • Hello,
    This is PyQt4, but is similar to C++.
    After doing a lot of research, it turns out that something as simple as getting a signal when editing the text on a QTreeWidgetItem is annoyingly difficult. There's the QTreeWidget.ItemChanged signal, but it fires for every little change that happens when all I wanted was to get a signal on text change. I was able to figure something out, but it seems kind of hacky. I was wondering if anyone here could share a more elegant way of solving this problem.

    class SignalObject(QObject):
    Edited = pyqtSignal(QTreeWidgetItem)

    def __init__(self):
        super(SignalObject, self).__init__()

    class CustomTreeWidgetItem(QTreeWidgetItem):
    def init(self, parent=None):
    super(CustomTreeWidgetItem, self).init(parent)
    self.signalObject = SignalObject()

    def setData(self, column, role, value):
        super(FileTreeWidgetItem, self).setData(column, role, value)
        if role == Qt.EditRole:


    First problem with this is QTreeWidgetItem doesn't inherit from QObject, so I had to create a custom class that inherits from QObject that stores all of my custom signals. Second problem is, I'm barely changing QTreeWidgetItem's functionality with my inherited class. I have to write all this code just to check if the role was Qt.EditRole.

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    Instead of using the QTreeWidget, you can try with QTreeView, SelectioModel and Delegate of QTreeView. Getting the existing delegate and observing some of the singnals from delegate may help you.

  • Thanks, I'll look into this.

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