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Mobility 1.1 and BearerType

  • I am trying to find out the bearer type on Symbian^3 (Nokia C7)...

    @QNetworkConfigurationManager manager;
    QNetworkConfiguration configuration = manager.defaultConfiguration();
    QNetworkConfiguration::BearerType bearerType = configuration.bearerType();@

    This returns 0 for the bearerType which is BearerUnknown

    Does this API actually work? I am using the Nokia Qt 1.1 Tech preview SDK with Qt and Mobility installed on the phone.



  • did bearerTypeName() function also return empty string?
    ps: can you also markup code with @ tag

  • Yes, bearerTypeName() returns empty.
    configuration.state() also returns 1 (= Undefined)

    What Symbian capabilities does this require? I have NetworkServices ReadUserData.



  • Also tried something else... this example mentions using...

    MOBILITY += bearer

    When I add this, the compiler complains it no longer knows about the QNetworkxxx classes and when I add the QTM_USE_NAMESPACE
    macros it's not recognised.



  • The bearer api is deprecated. QNetworkaccessmanager now manages all connections itself. It has roaming support as well . Read QnetworkAccessmanager documentation for further info.

  • Where is it documented that the bearer api is deprecated? The documentation for QNetworkAccessManager ( references QNetworkConfigurationManager (under the Network and Roaming support heading) so I doubt it is deprecated.

    QNetworkaccessManager doesn't allow me to know if there is a WiFi connection. My app needs to do different things depending on the type of connection (WiFi vs Cellular).


  • [quote author="SimonJudge" date="1297243557"]Where is it documented that the bearer api is deprecated?[/quote]

    When you compile you should be seeing this warning that Bearer api has been deprecated

  • Ummm. I don't get any warning in the 'Compile Output' window of Creator when I compile for Qt Simulator or Simulator Device. This is with the Qt SDK Tech Preview 1.1.

    Interestingly, I have found the QNetworkConfigurationManager does work under the simulator and returns a bearerTypeName of Ethernet. It's just on Symbian it doesn't work.


  • I think you should log a bug against this for symbian platform

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