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[Solved] Get data from webpage upon clicks on links

  • Hi

    I have a webpage used as GUI. The contents of the page is filled with dynamic data from an SQL server by the php scripts in the webpage.

    When the user clicks a certain link I need to get the data "hidden" in the link (multiple strings) that the webpage gets from the SQL server upon the click and have this data in C to further use it.

    How can I achieve this?


  • AddOn:
    I found that I can read data from the webpage using JavaScript and QWebElement (formextractor sample).
    What I still miss is how to get the click and to get the correct data for the element clicked .... continuing to search.
    btw: I can influence the code on the webpage.

  • AddOn:
    Further test showed that I can declare and add arguments to function calls in JS:
    void FormExtractor::submit(QString strTest)

    form onsubmit="formExtractor.submit('Link-ID')"
    So, for the moment, I have everything I need.

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