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QSettings file path

  • I am looking at a Qt project. I know that QCoreApplication provides an event loop. Below it sets the organization name and application name:

    @ app = new QCoreApplication(argc, argv);
    int rc = app->exec();@

    Now below is what confuses me a little. When we initialize a QSettings instance, I know that the QSettings constructor is invoked, which constructs a QSettings object for accessing settings of the application, such as the organization name and application name. But then below that we make a call to this method fileName(). Now this returns a path where settings are stored. My question is how did it generate this path?

    @QSettings settings;
    settings.fileName() // home/guarddoguser/.config/GuardDog/MyGateway.conf@

    I know that GuardDog is the organization name and MyGateway is the application name. But how did it know to add a .config directory and attach a .conf to the application name? Is this something that QSettings does behind the scenes, or is there something else going on?

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    Since you don't set anything specifically, you are using the default OS specific settings backend that does this for you. On Windows you'll be using the registry and on OS X a plist file located in ~/Library/Preferences

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