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Qt5.0 not showing up in menu bar of MSVS2010

  • I downloaded the plugin for Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.2 for Qt5. I installed the add-in. However when I open up MSVS2010 the Qt5 does not appear in the menu bar. My co-worker did the same thing but it works for him. I even went into:
    Tools->Options->Environment->Add-in Security and the path is pointing to the correct location. I tried downloading Visual Studio Add-in 1.1.11 for Qt4 and that works, showing Qt in the menu.... Suggestions on how to get Qt5 add in to work???

  • Do you see it in the add-in manager?

    Go to tools->Add-in Manager

  • I do not.

  • That is strange. I have 1.1.11, and 1.2.2 installed for vs2010. Only thing I could suggest would be to try to uninstall and reinstall making sure visual studio is closed during the process.

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