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Suggestion request for application registration.

  • Hi,
    We need to add a registration feature in our Qt application.One approach is
    to set up a key for users to use when running the application.This approach
    is tedious as you have to come up with a way to kep key user matches organized.

    I am thinking of setting up a database on a our server and kind of automate the
    registration process for the users.I have never done this before so I need your
    suggestions folks as to whether this is a good approach or if Qt has a way to ease
    the design of this registration process.

    Any input will appreciated.

  • I do not think Qt has any thing build in to 'registration' the application. You should do it yourself. Qt has excellent TCP/IP classes, so registration via internet is very easy to setup. There are multiple examples on that, so yes, it is well possible.

  • Thanks Jeroentje@home,
    I guess I have to put it together myself then.

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