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Qt on Android: Painter not active

  • Hey guys!

    I am trying to receive a numerical user input from within a QML application when the user clicks on an button. Because QtQuick does not provide something like QInputDialog yet, i did a workaround and added a widget-based class to my project which provides a wrapper to QInputDialog::getInt(...).
    When I try to call it via the context properties system, all works fine on my desktop computer (Linux, 64 bit) but not on my Android device which is actually my target. Nothing is shown there, but the rest of the app doesn't respond to any inputs until I press the "Back"-button on my device.

    Qt Creator shows a huge error log, it is included in the attachment (error.log).
    Once I click on the area which should show the dialog, there are lots of messages "painter not active" from somewhere in painter/qpainter.cpp. These messages continue to appear until i press the "Back"-button.
    Another interesting message is "WARNING: QApplication was not created in the main() thread." although I never wanted to start multiple threads,

    What could cause that problem and how to fix it? Or are there other possibilities among my workaround? Thank you for reading and answering.

    The example in the attachment is not my actual project but demonstrates the issue described above.

    Attachment (example project): http://www.file-upload.net/download-8473187/qt5qmltest.zip.html
    (accessible one year from original post)

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